In the XXI century, a whole thermal universe of possibilities opens before our eyes

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maio 29, 2020
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maio 30, 2020

In the XXI century, a whole thermal universe of possibilities opens before our eyes

It is possible to paint in a 360 degree radius. The compressor is small and can be easily transported. It is perfect for baking, cosmetics or stamping clothes, among a long series of functions.

BUY (€ 58.99)

Wood tenon

The Wolfcraft 4645000 is one of Amazon’s best DIY gifts thanks to its 64 dowels (6, 8 and 10mm), three drill bits, three depth stops, six markers, and a glue pot. It is perfect for all types of spigot joints. It is served in a sturdy plastic case that is very easy to take anywhere.

BUY (€ 20.97)

Carrying case with socket set and screwdriver bits

The 130 pieces of this hard plastic case are ideal for small housework, screwing or using the ratchet. Peace of mind because all this will be understood by the recipient of the gift, you just have to buy it.

BUY (€ 29.99)

Magnetic spirit level

The 25 cm spirit level from Bosch Professional stands out due to its compact design and high resistance. Perfect for use on any construction site, even in the most adverse conditions. In addition, thanks to 3 magnets, the spirit level stays on metal surfaces.

BUY (€ 29.04)

Cordless Electric Screwdriver

With a small screwdriver and 33 other accessories included, this tool features an LED light for use in the dark and has a safety lock that prevents possible accidents.

BUY (€ 29.97)

USB rechargeable LED headlamp

Compact and lightweight in design, it has an adjustable strap that adapts to all head sizes. In addition, it has an adjustable tilt of 60 degrees and is equipped with five lighting modes.

BUY (€ 17.99)

Work gloves

Its double nitrile coating and nylon lining provide excellent grip in dry, wet and oily conditions. Protected hands always thanks to its flexibility and twist-proof fabric.

BUY (€ 14.99)

Tool belt

The perfect design thanks to its two nail pockets, a tape measure pocket and a hammer loop. Its padded back provides maximum comfort.

BUY (€ 9.23)

Glue gun

Without drips, its mechanical advance facilitates an exact dosage and a fast application. In addition, its electronically regulating heating elements offer fast availability and a constant working temperature.

BUY (€ 37.11)

Angular radial

Its ergonomic plastic housing with flat aluminum gear head makes it very easy to operate. 850 W of power allow to enjoy a constant speed of 12,000 revolutions per minute.

BUY (€ 30.70)

■ These offers have been selected by a Sport team independently based on their criteria and experience. Sport earns a commission on sales from the links on this page. All purchase prices included in this article are current as of January 4, 2021.

We know, no matter how much heating and layers of clothing you put on top of each other, you keep freezing at this time of year. Why? Is it so difficult to try not to live inside the ‘Frozen’ movie? All calm because, oddly enough, there is a whole world of articles that can help you not to become a cube of thread and that you probably did not know.


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Effectively. Not everything is going to be sticking to the radiator and rubbing our hands as if we were trying to get flames out of our hands. In the XXI century, a whole thermal universe of possibilities opens up before our eyes. Items that will make us regain our normal body temperature and that will keep us warm while we wait for the heat to arrive again.

And yes, here we have selected the most effective for you. You don’t have to get out of bed to buy them if you don’t want to, we know that under the duvet it is very good.

Among the following products to keep you warm that we want to highlight, there are some that are ideal for when you go on a trip or getaway to a destination where low temperatures reign. Keep your body warm thanks to these Amazon items to complement your warmer clothes.

Thermal bag

Of the products to keep you warm in winter that we present to you, this thermal bag can also be very useful for your health. Filled with organic wheat seeds and with a fun round shape that resembles a fox, the pad is heated in the microwave. Then, you just have to put it around your neck to relieve cervical tension. BUY (€ 29.90)


An essential to take hot coffee with you anywhere. With a capacity of 380 milliliters, this thermos is very versatile for all types of beverages. It is made with stainless steel, it does not modify the taste of the liquid it contains and it is even made leak-proof. Easy to clean, its content is kept at a good temperature for 8 hours. BUY (€ 12.99)

Thermal cushion

This is another very practical resource to provide heat to different areas of your body, especially if you feel discomfort of any kind in them. A thermal cushion is your solution. Likewise, it contains seeds that, when heated, provide you with the ideal temperature. You can even choose between several aromas that it gives off: lavender, rosemary or eucalyptus.

(BUY € 14.95)

Thermal blanket

As not being cold in winter is difficult in certain parts of your house, this electric blanket to rest in the living room or in bed is what you need. It has up to six power levels, so you can adjust its temperature, automatic shutdown, security in case it gets too hot and timer. In addition, you can take it apart and wash it comfortably.

BUY (€ 51.99)

Heating pads

Get ready to warm up with these long-lasting patches that heat up as soon as their packaging is removed. Inside each ‘Inzta Heat’ pack you will find 10 heat patches that stay hot for 12 hours. Although it is recommended for use on the abdomen, shoulders, back, neck and calf, it can also be used on the legs. Very comfortable because they adhere to clothing, not to the body.

BUY (€ 7.99)

Foot warmer

With a soft and breathable washable lining, three temperature levels and automatic shut-off after 90 minutes of inactivity, we can assure you that your feet will never get cold again if you don’t want to.

BUY (€ 39.90)

USB heated gloves

Its double-sided chip heats the palm and the back of the hand at the same time. Made with high quality wool, soft and very elastic, it offers total freedom of movement. The heating pad that makes this hot effect possible is made of carbon fiber, making it very durable and efficient.

BUY (€ 14.99)

USB rechargeable hand warmer (€ 28.99)

Its surface treated with silicone oil ensures a soft and warm feeling when held. In addition, it has three adjustable heat modes. One second is how long it takes to heat up. Awesome!

BUY (€ 28.99)

Insulating Thermal Vest

Coming from the future, this carbon fiber vest with USB will be like carrying your own electric heater. You just have to charge it and thanks to its thermostat switch choose the ideal temperature. It has two thermal zones located along the back and at the back of the neck. A marvel that also includes the safety shutdown function.

BUY (€ 45.99)

Electric blanket

The mythical blanket with sleeves now comes with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature up to 10 levels and with a configurable timer from 1 to 9 hours. Not only does it automatically turn off after 3 hours, but it also has a temperature control system that prevents overheating.

BUY (€ 64.99)

Electric thermal insoles

Incredible but true, these USB rechargeable insoles distribute heat evenly throughout your foot and their temperature can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius. The soles can be cut to size and best of all, they are washable and reusable.

BUY (€ 18.99)

Car front seat heater

Do you spend too many hours at the wheel and stay ‘little bird’? Never again thanks to this thermostat-equipped heating pad that can reach 40 degrees Celsius in two minutes. With its constant temperature function, it is highly resistant to humidity and will also make you less tired while driving.  

BUY (€ 16.99)

Enjoy comfort at home or outside with these products to avoid getting cold in winter.

■ These offers have been selected by a Sport team independently based on their criteria and experience. Sport earns a commission on sales from the links on this page. All purchase prices included in this article are current as of January 8, 2021.

The time of dinners, invisible friends and celebrations is approaching in which we like to look elegant to enjoy with our own. And to look elegant, one of those garments that are essential are shirts. This is a selection of dress shirts for men that will allow you to create an elegant, professional and fashionable ‘look’. 


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Discover the best shirt options on Amazon so that the next time you go to an important date, you can wear a modern and attractive style. Either with a more basic color or with more original designs, choose from the following alternatives with which you can renew your wardrobe now. Going stylish is that easy.


Quality and elegance at a good price have a name: Jack&Jones. Among the best shirts on this list should be a model like this, slim fit so that you can feel comfortable as well as attractive. Its neck style is classic and the closure with buttons. You can also find it in white or black, as well as navy blue.

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