I read the following comment to my publication on the portal Osvita.ua:

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I read the following comment to my publication on the portal Osvita.ua:

It is for this reason that the creation of these “paper traps” for the heads of educational institutions was deliberately and deliberately lobbied. Therefore, the organizers of this deliberately organized paper madness should not be accused of stupidity. They are very smart and at the same time extremely cynical people.

For example, the list of documents related to civil protection and fire safety is simply impressive. The training manual “Civil Protection in Educational Institutions”, recommended by the Main Department of Education and Science of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (letter No. 01-14 / 5318 dated October 4, 2011), recommends that only civil protection have 19 long- term documents and 11 annual.

No less extensive is the list of documents that must be had in the school of labor protection.

Of course, no matter how hard the school principal tries, he will not be able to do all this. Therefore, he will always be guilty.

However, good uncles inspectors are always ready to “rescue” him for a modest fee.

I remember how one such “good uncle” checked the documentation on labor protection in the gymnasium and found that a dozen documents were missing. They could be purchased immediately for cash at UAH 50 apiece (then UAH 500 = $ 100).

I had to write a deputy’s request and meet with the head of the territorial state labor inspectorate in the region, and that uncle was fired. But most of my colleagues, school principals, silently bought this waste paper, spending money from parent funds.

Of course, city courses of civil defense of the educational and methodical center of civil defense and safety of life are financed by the budget, but they also have among the main tasks: “provision of paid services”.

I read this comment to my publication on the portal Osvita.ua:

“If I’m not mistaken, only the main documents governing the activities of the OP more than 30! And in each at least 30 pages with items that provide for the development of instructions, journals, orders, etc. Instructions for developing instructions, logging instructions, issuing instructions … The whole list is even scary to imagine! And in different areas: labor protection, fire safety, CZ. And all this rubbish of instructions on the wall should hang and lie in folders. Each inspector has a different vision – the milking of the administration begins, which is guilty of all sins from the moment of appointment … In each direction of the Central Administration, OP, Pzh.bezp.you need to be trained (definitely paid). Specially created various organizations that aim to make money on public funds (development of norms of the base, requirements, points, letters that only confuse).

In my opinion, the rules should be simple and clear, so that in the event of an emergency to act correctly, and not know that you need 5 folders and 196 different documents in them only with the OP. http://osvita.ua/blogs/58194/

Dear colleagues, school principals, what is the situation today and what do you think should be changed?

P.S. In my deep conviction, all these inspectors should come to school several times a year and do only one thing: suddenly sound the alarm.

Because if there is an emergency (for example, a fire), no one will look for instructions and look at the evacuation plan. In this case, only life-saving skills will help to save your life and the lives of others: quickly leave the room, grab a fire extinguisher, open a hydrant …

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As soon as we give up hourly pay, there will be enough hours for everyone

V. Gromova: to refuse hourly payment to teachers

Author: Victor Gromovy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

I constantly read comments like, “in English (history, math, etc.) and the truth is there is little time …”.

Teachers of any subject in our country traditionally claim that “few hours”. Of course, there are maximum load limits and there are only 24 hours a day. Therefore, the extensive way to improve the quality of teaching in a particular subject is the way to nowhere.

There is only one option to stop talking about “few hours”: waiving the hourly wage of a teacher.

As soon as we do this, there will be enough lessons for everyone.

In addition, there will be no need to keep such a rudiment of past epochs as a journal, in which it is necessary to record lessons exclusively with a pen with one shade of paste color. It turns out that this also affects the quality of education.

If a teacher is paid for his full-time work from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., regardless of what he is doing at the moment, we will immediately realize that a lesson is not the most effective form of work. So, let’s deal with projects, individual consultations, research and experimental work, tutoring, etc.

And this will be another education …

In the photo, the working day of geniuses, and who will try to depict the working day of a typical student of our school, where everyone has “few hours”?!

P.S. Oleksiy Panych pointed out to us the deep foundations of this problem: 

Many problems in both school and university could be solved if we openly acknowledged that the main purpose of education is not to provide a “knowledge system” (this is a 19th century guideline preserved in the “scoop”), but to instill, to test and certify a person’s ability to learn. At school – to study in general; in higher education – to learn things related to the chosen profession.

Shouting about the “lack of hours” is a by-product of futile attempts to fit the educational logic of the 19th century into the realities of the 21st century. “


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Imagine the situation: instead of a Samsung refrigerator you have to buy our “odoroblo”

V. Gromova: not about education. About the refrigerator!

Author: Victor Gromovy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

Imagine the situation: instead of a Samsung refrigerator, you have to buy our domestic “finished product”, made at the end of the month at some unfinished state-owned factory.

In addition to the usual technical instructions, it is accompanied by:

1. Safety instructions;

2. Safety instructions for the wife;

3. Safety instructions for the eldest daughter;

4. Safety instructions for the youngest son;

5. Safety instructions for the Kuzi cat;

6. Log of safety briefings for family members;

7. Journal of safety briefings for guests;

8. Instructions for the preservation of dairy products;

9. Instructions for the preservation of meat products;

10. Instructions for preserving fish;

11. Instructions for preserving vegetables;

12. Instructions for storing drinks;

13. Instructions for defrosting the refrigerator (this is our refrigerator, it does not reproduce itself);

14. List of websites for writing lab reports necessary documents for commissioning of the refrigerator (act of checking the grounding circuit, acts of humidity measurements in the kitchen, certificate from the regional power company on the absence of debts for consumed electricity, etc.);

15. List of detergents of domestic production, approved for use in the care of the refrigerator;

16. Methodical recommendations on the location of products on the shelves;

17. Methodical recommendations on the location of products in the freezer;

18. Methodical recommendations on the location of the magnets on the doors recommended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs for mandatory use;

19. You need:

to approve the plan of purchases of products in the quarter or building; compile a catalog of products in triplicate; have acts of writing off used products that are stored for 3 years.

20. The set of materials of the refrigerator should include:

the concept of reforming the freezing industry in Ukraine “New Ukrainian refrigerator” (NUH); national program of freezing and patriotic education; regional, city, district programs for the development of the freezing industry; your family’s energy saving action plan; botulism threat reminder; control and visitation book.

21. You must subscribe to the bulletin “Materials for monitoring global warming” (the cost of subscription is 5873 UAH for half a year) and keep a daily weather calendar, reporting the measurements by telephone with subsequent duplication on paper to the Hydrometeorological Center;

22. Participation in monthly flash mobs on the topic “Stop Freon” is mandatory for all family members of the owner of the refrigerator;

23. ……;

123. …….

P.S. This “odoroblo” does not actually function and you store the products in the old-fashioned way in the cellar, but this does not relieve you of the need to keep this documentation.


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Education cannot be considered a commodity, because a commodity is what is guaranteed to be received

V. Gromova: Is a teacher a profession or a way of life?

Author: Victor Gromovoy, educational expert, Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

For many educators, the concept of “educational services” is unacceptable. We are used to seeing the school (university) as a “temple of wisdom and light.” That is, each of us has a certain element of missionary and religious attitude to the work of the teacher.

Unfortunately, in this case, the issues of professionalism recede into the background: well, who among the “ordinary” parishioners of the “temple of wisdom and light” would think to ask questions about the professionalism of the “father” and the specific results of his work? The teacher as a “world star” a priori cannot be the object of criticism.

Similarly, questions about the use of donations in the temple will seem out of place, because “by default” donations are for good, and doubts in this are equated with doubts in faith.

If we look at the school from a missionary-religious point of view, it becomes clear that the system resists change, because dogmas and rituals cannot be changed, dogmas and rituals must be blindly followed. Therefore, no one should be surprised by 385 years of study without change.

Jan Amos Comenius laid the foundations of the classroom system in 1632, and since then the Reformation has not affected the national school. The bearers of the Counter-Reformation and the Pedagogical Inquisition, who have been shouting with voices since the 17th century, feel more comfortable in our territory:

The school is the only thing that was not ruined, so now we will ruin the school as well?! How can it be: school – without calls? Maybe. will we cancel school lessons as well? We don’t need your “school that is not a school”, let the school be like a school!

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